What We Offer

An active, experienced and mature community with over 50 members from college students to active duty personnel

International Community

We are an international unit who accept people from all over the world, and maintain NA & EU friendly training & operation times.

Unique Gameplay

We provide researched, developed and coordinated operational deployments with a range of realistic and engaging story lines including a dedicated OPFOR Cell.


We provide an authentic MILSIM experience like no other; emulating the real US Army as close as possible through SOP's, Training Courses, Promotion Boards and Service Records.

Dedicated Infrastructure

We operate out own dedicated server box providing us 24/7 Online Servers with 99.9% uptime to provide the best capability for our unit.


We are one of the largest combined arms unit's in Arma Reforger and provide a wide range of roles and variety to suit everyone's needs.

Commmunity Focused

We provide a flexible, adaptive and mature community which welcomes military and non-military alike, into a unique MILSIM environment prioritising a balance of fun and authenticity.

Experience a community like no other


What our members have to say
First Lieutenant Nuno Moreira

First Lieutenant Nuno Moreira


"The 4th Infantry Division is by far the most serious and realistic unit I've ever had the fortune to be part of. With strong leadership, dedicated staff and active members it's a perfect place for ArmA thrill seekers, military enthusiasts or active duty members like myself."

Specialist Tony Goldsmith

Specialist Tony Goldsmith


"The 4th Infantry Division is the most enjoyable unit i've ever been in so far; providing an amazing array of quality missions and a great community. I couldn't recommend this unit enough for people looking for a great organisation with amazing gameplay."